Thursday, 16 March 2017

Dental Health And Diabetes

The link between dental health and diabetes has been researched widely. When the diabetes is controlled, the patient is like any other normal healthy human being. But uncontrolled diabetes can hamper the oral health in the form of gum disorders. These can lead to weaker teeth and risk of decay, cavities and eventual teeth fall off. 

Diabetes, medically known as Diabetes Mellitus is a condition that arises when the body does not utilise the glucose consumed. The reason for this irregularity can be due to the unavailability of adequate insulin that helps the body absorb glucose or due to lack of interaction between the cells and the glucose consumed. The former reason is what is known as Type 1 diabetes and the latter is known as Type 2 diabetes.

Dental Health and diabetes

A diet high in sugar and starch can affect oral health, especially in the case of a person with diabetes. They accelerate tooth decay leading to cavities. Dental health and diabetes are also related in other ways. Diabetics are advised to have short meals in frequent intervals of time. This leads to an increase in frequency of exposure of teeth to food particles. If not followed by constant brushing and flossing these can stick to the teeth, causing cavities.

Diabetes tend to decrease the healing ability of the patient. This creates another link between dental health and diabetes. The chances of diabetics contracting gum diseases like gingivitis is high. Because of their inability to fight infections like normal people, gum diseases due to plaque and bacteria is increasingly found in diabetics. 

Another dental issue faced by diabetics is dry mouth. The lack of adequate amount of saliva in mouth leads to an increase in action of bacteria and thereby cavities. Bad breath in the form of an unpleasant fruity smell is another issue faced by diabetics. These can be controlled with the help of mouth wash and frequent brushing. Bringing diabetes under control can remedy all these issues.

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