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Make Your Smile More Attractive

Full-mouth Rehabilitation or Full-mouth Reconstruction are the common terms used to describe the rebuilding or restoring process of all teeth both in upper and lower jaws. This procedure normally involves with general or restorative treatments such as bridges, veneers and crowns and sometimes is incorporated with other specializations like Periodontics (gum specialization), oral surgery, orthodontics (tooth movement and positioning) and Endodontics (treating tooth pulp).

When the tooth is broken, fractured or chipped immediate dental attention is needed. If it is left untreated the destroyed tooth could be damaged and infected further and finally ends up with tooth loss. The treatment varies depend on the affected tooth condition. If small enamel is broken, it could be corrected within one dental visit. A severely damaged tooth might require the lengthy and costly procedure. There are some ways to repair the broken or chipped teeth such as dental veneers, root canal, dental cap or crown, and dental bonding.

The Gum Diseases most of the time is associated with bad breath, loss of the tooth. There are certain symptoms of gum diseases such as teeth losing, swollen red gums, during and after brushing gums start to bleed, deep pockets formation between the tooth and the gums. Some people experience gum disease at the back side of the mouth that cannot be seen. Only Periodontist can find out the exact gum disease and treatment.

When we talk about Fillings the traditional gold fillings were replaced by esthetic fillings such as tooth-colored restoration. It is commonly referred as bonding. It is done in a single sitting by placing a composite resin material into smaller cavities and adhered with the tooth by liquid “bonding agents”. Another filling method is Ceramic fillings that are offered by modern dentistry. They are strong, natural looking and long lasting. If the ceramic filling is properly done they will "disappear" into the tooth and look like a perfectly healthy intact tooth.

Porcelain veneers are otherwise called as dental veneers, porcelain laminates is like a thin contact lens that is fixed on the front of the tooth to hide discoloration, crooked tooth, to reduce sensitivity, to correct bad bite without grinding the natural tooth. Porcelain is a ceramic heat fired and does not face any stains. If the veneer is stained, it can be polished off easily during a normal cleaning.

Crowns are otherwise called as caps which are placed on the root canal teeth or cleaned teeth to prevent further infection.

Dental Bridges are used to bridge the gap in cases of missing teeth.

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