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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Chennai

Wisdom teeth are the four molar teeths that you find at the back of your dentition arch. These are the teeths that appears only when you are adults, mostly at the end of your teenage or at your early 20s.

Almost everybody possess this teeth but some do have some problems and complications due to these four large wisdom teeth (molars), as they may create certain issue like lack of room for the other 28 teeth to stay proper in the dentition arch or any kinds of infections or injuries in the mouth and teeth. This may lead to wisdom teeth extraction.

Wisdom teeth removal in Thangam's Dental Clinic

When to see your doctor?

In normal cases wisdom teeth does not cause any issues but in some, these teeth may not develop properly or may develop in a manner that stuck the space of other teeth in the arch. This may create acute pain at your gums and can eventually cause grievous complications in your mouth. This may even cause you trouble while having an intake of your food. Now this is when you should never wait anymore to consult your doctor for the issue.

How wisdom teeth is removed?

When your doctor come across with your trouble he will carry out the tests to diagnose the problem, and find out whether your wisdom teeth are to be removed. Once you are at the line of wisdom teeth removal, your doctor will take an X-ray of your mouth so as to get the right position of the teeth to be removed.
The whole process is carried out under a local anesthesia so that to numb the corresponding area. An incision is made in the gum tissue which exposes the tooth and the bones. Those bones that blocks the access to the tooth root are removed at first. When the tooth is accessible, it is cut into sections and thus made easy for its extraction. When the tooth is completely removed, the surrounding area is cleaned well. The wound occurred is stitched so as to making it heal better. Some of the stitches dissolve over time, but some needs to be removed. Your doctor will tell you whether your stitches are needed to be removed. The bleeding due to the extraction is controlled by placing gauze which helps to form a blood clot i the area.

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