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Dental Crowns In Tamilnadu

A crown is a artifical tooth which restore or completely caps a decayed or damaged tooth.It protects the teeth from further decay.Crown can be bonded to tooth using a dental cement and it can fixed with a natural look and look same as natural tooth.Crowns often help to improve the apperance and strength of teeth.

Dental Crown can be used when :

  • You may had a root filling.
  • If you may have a discoloured filling. 
  • To improve the appearance of the tooth.

Dental Crowns can be made of different materials and some of them are :

  • All-Ceramic : It offer a metal free alternative and it give strength to bonded crown.
  • Gold-alloy Crowns : These crowns are  of colour  gold or silver.
  • Porcelain : It made entirely out of porcelain.Mostly used for front teeth.
  • Glass : It should look like a natural teeth and used anywhere of mouth.
  • Metal Crowns : It made of gold.It won't break.Here the gold color doesn't look natural.
  • Composite Crowns : They tend to wear more quickly from chewing and it doesn't chip as much easily as porcelain crowns.

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